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2007-02-07 Daniel J Blueman

  • Fixed interface statistics gathering and streamlined into a single function.
  • linux-igd 1.0 released

2006-10-01 Daniel J Blueman

  • Fixed compilation on GCC-2.9x, noticed by Vyacheslav Garashchenko.
  • Use bounded string functions, to protect from overflow exploits/stack-smashing.

2006-08-13 Daniel J Blueman

  • linux-igd 0.95 released

2006-07-25 Daniel J Blueman

  • Added option ALLOW_MULTICAST to init script, which when not set to 'no', enables multicast packets to be received by internal interface
  • Added '-f' option to run in foreground for debugging etc
  • Validate internal interface name correctly
  • Other minor tweaks, such as making variables local to block to save on stack space, interface name length fixes

2006-05-23 Daniel J Blueman

  • Added manpage contributed by Jose Fonseca

2006-05-19 Daniel J Blueman

  • Protect against bad addresses being passed to inet_addr()
  • Enable compiler optimization in makefile
  • Fix compile warnings and uninitialised variable possible use
  • Some makefile and code cleanups

2006-05-04 mhyllander

  • Updated installation instructions for libupnp 1.3.1, and also added a note about installing with precompiled libraries on Fedora Core 5.

2006-02-01 mhyllander

  • Fixed problem with multiple children being forked when using iptables to modify the netfilter tables. upnpd was doing a fork+system without a following exit, so children continued living on. Now a fork+exec+exit is done.
  • Included a patch from Juho Vah-Herttua to fix inserting of forward rules when using libiptc.
  • Added handling of port mapping duration. Port mappings will be automatically removed when they expire. If the client doesn't set a duration, a default duration can be used. The default duration can either be set as a relative time (e.g. two hours), or as an absolute time of day (e.g. 04:00 every day).
  • You can force upnpd to delete all port mappings by sending it the SIGUSR1 signal. The SIGINT and SIGTERM signals terminate upnpd.
  • Made parsing of the configuration file more secure by guarding against buffer overflow.
  • In the configuration file, the path to the iptables command is now specified between quotes, to allow all characters to be used in the path.
  • syslog messages are now sent to local6. Trace output is sent to LOG_DEBUG. You can specify the log level in the configuration file by setting debug_mode between 0 (no output) and 3 (all output).
  • added an example init.d script: etc/upnpd.rc.
  • Some code cleanups, like only defining globals in one place (i.e. not in an include file), and some improvements to the Makefile.

Version 0.92
2003-01-13 -- George Glover

  • Fixed issues with Direct Play games not deleting broadcast port mappings so most if not all Direct Play games will now work correctly.
  • Added Byte and Packet counter code contributed by giussani
  • Changed all the xml and skl files to include our UUID and some other updated information that needed to be changed.
  • Added a CREDITS file to make sure I give thanks to the person who inspired me to write this program, along with everyone else who's contributing.
  • Fixed the startup message in messages to report the correct version now.
  • Once again, other small changes i can't remember

Version 0.91

  • Lots of little fixes, including fixing a problem that prevented portmaps from being properly removed.

Version 0.90

  • Too Many changes to remember, it's been a while but here's what works now
  • File Transfer Seems to be working (at least for me, i don't swear to it)
  • You can now view your portmapping listings from windows XP with the connection icon
  • can only view portmappnigs once some are added, so wait a few minutes
  • Lots of restructuring of the code to more modularize it, allowing people to work
  • different parts.
  • The uptime in the Windows XP Connection Icon works properly now
  • File transfer works, did i tell you? :-) I haven't been sending files just like you guys.
  • More things that i'll add in the next version's changelog, it's christmas, i'm taking a break

Version 0.75

  • Added true daemon support, forking into the background.
  • Added catches for SIGTERM to easily kill the daemon with a "killall upnpd", which closes down all connections cleanly.
  • Fixed some problems that now allow the Linux IGD to show up under Windows XP's Network Connections area.
  • Removed some excessive debugging from /var/log/debug.

Version 0.71
2002-05-03 -- Ok I goofed, and still had it statically grabbing one of the ip addresses. This is the first real official release, so let us know what you think. -- Dime

Version 0.70
05/02/2002 -- First public release of the software. We figure it's time to share the glory and the shame. -- Dime

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